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In July 2016, Chevron Thailand intends to repair the splash zone corroded conductor to support the drilling and production operation in the future.

Chevron has studied various types of repair methods and concluded that the Helicoid Epoxy Sleeve method is the best in term of costs vs. reliabilities. Therefore, the Helicoid repair technique was chosen for testing as a pilot project in 2015 for 26” Conductor

The Helicoid Epoxy Sleeve is an Advanced Composite Sleeve for Strengthening and Protection of Pipelines.


• Diver less installation

• Corrosion Resistant, Light weight

• Easy and Fast installation

• Online installation

• Above water and subsea installation

• Various diameters (4”to 36”) and length up to 10.0m

• A high quality long life repair with an excellent installation time

Figure 1 – Example Helicoid in subsea condition

This year PAPS was awarded to be a Main Contractor again for Helicoid Project at PAWC platform to providing full scope service by using Helicoid Epoxy Sleeve technique, the helicoid repair technique was chosen again this year in May 2016, for 9-5/8” Conductor at PAWC The project has been properly planned and professionally executed and controlled resulting in the successful project completion within constraint budget and working window. In addition, the project was completed with zero incident and zero breakdown as the goal set and the overall performance meet the satisfaction of customer.

PAPS successfully undertook the first offshore application in the Gulf of Thailand in 2013 for Mubadala petroleum for 12” size, 2nd at Chevron Thailand in 2015 for 26” size, 3rd at PETRONAS Malaysia for 8” and 32” size and now we do have recently project with Chevron campaign 2016 for 9-5/8” size

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