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HELICOID Epoxy Sleeve for Conductor repair in Thailand.

Pipeline And Piling Services Co., LTD in partnership with Merit Technologies SDN BHD have recently completed the first successful offshore applications of the Helicoid™ Diverless Riser Repair System in The Gulf of Thailand

The Helicoid Epoxy Sleeve,a riser strengthening and protection system is a unique diverless repair system for risers and subsea pipelines. It has been designed and developed by Merit Technologies SDN BHD in Malaysia. Merit has a comprehensive background in the field of Epoxy and Composite products and repairs and began the development of theHelicoid system after the undertaking numerous Epoxy Filled Sleeve repairs on risers and pipelines. They could see a demand for a product that leant itself to easier and safer installation as well as to reduce overall project costs and time for riser repair. From these basic principles Helicoid was born.



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