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BISEP Isolation Tools for Sale from PAPS

BISEP Isolation Tools for Sale from PAPS

  • Pipeline intervention and isolation can be achieved using STATS patented BISEP™.

    The BISEP™ range provides double block and bleed isolation deployed through a single full bore branch or hot tap penetration. This high integrity isolation is provided by a spherical dual seal plug which is deployed from a pressure competent launcher through an isolation valve and rotated towards the flow of pressure to be isolated.

    The spherical head houses twin compression seals and provides a facility to bleed and monitor the intermediate annulus. The seal annulus port proves and monitors the seal integrity before and during intervention work. The BISEP™ head utilises the same compression seal technology as our Tecno Plug™ isolation tools.

    The seals are activated by a hydraulic cylinder inside the plug which compresses the seals. The resultant radial expansion pushes the seals out to seal against the pipe bore. Further application of hydraulic pressure generates a rubber pressure in the seal elements which allows the annulus between the seals to be pressure tested. Line pressure acting against the tool pressure head maintains seal pressure creating a fail-safe feature providing actuation independent of the hydraulic system. The ejection load resistance is provided by the tool’s deployment head.

    Once the BISEP™ is deployed and set in position the pipeline or valve maintenance / repair can take place safely and efficiently.


    • Pipeline / launcher valve installation or replacement
    • Pipeline / Riser inspection, repair, replacement or decommissioning
    • Rerouting of process flow
    • Mid-line pipeline repair due to anchor drags or a dropped object on the pipeline
    • Isolate pressure vessels
    • Water or gas injection line isolation
    • Isolation of pipeline end manifolds, pipeline end terminals, subsea manifolds or skids for repair, upgrade or replacement.

    Operator Benefits:

    Fully verifiable Double Block & Bleed isolation through single intervention point:

    • Dramatically increases safety over traditional line stop technology
    • Single operation significantly reduces costs. (Single fitting, welding, inspection, scaffolding, crane and excavation costs)
    • Single operation significantly reduces workscope timescales, resulting in reduced shut-down time
    • Single fitting allows installation in restricted access piping
    • Reduced inspection / quality control / hot work permits (single fitting)
    • BISEP™ technology complies with operator double block and bleed requirements
    • Minimised production disruption on interconnected pipeline networks during valve repairs / tie-ins etc.

    Key Features:

    • Annular bleed port proves and monitors the seal integrity before and during any intervention work
    • Isolation integrity monitored through annulus, hydraulic set circuit and body vents continuously
    • Design provides axial restraint through bearing on dual clevis plates (no single point failure)
    • Seal annulus bleed provides Zero Energy Zone
    • Dual compression seals are more compliant and have a far higher success rate than traditional cup seals particularly in pitted pipework
    • Self Energisation of seals maintains isolation integrity independent of hydraulic control circuit
    • Negates the need for additional taps for bleed
    • Can accommodate reinstatement pressure test
    • BISEP™ isolation installed upstream of fitting, maintaining fitting in safe zone during workscope
    • BISEP™ launcher ported to facilitate venting, purging and flushing of isolated section
    • Can be deployed through conventional equal tee / clamp / branch. Key Features:

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