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Conductor Guide Protection System (CGPS) for Protection of Well Casing and Casing Guide 

On offshore platforms, waves generate vibrations which could result in damage to the casings, conductors, and caisson. The constant impact onto these structures, can result in abrasion, fatigue and even fracturing.  


Particularly in the at splash zone area, the above could cause further deterioration due to the damaged coating and subsequent external corrosion. 


One of the typical structures subject to the above is the Conductor Casing and the Casing Guide.


The nominal space allowed between the Conductor Casing and Casing Guide causes damage to the protective coatings due to lateral movement of the casing, from this reason it limits the option for repair systems. Recoating of the surface is almost impossible as the accessibility is prohibited. Therefore, this problem is often ignored as it seems insignificant while it will reduce 

the lifetime of the casing and casing guide if left unattended.


Breakdown of the coating has been identified by the customer at multiple locations, at their well casings, which requires immediate rectification.  


Though the damage will not have impact on the production, however there is a possibility of longterm impact on the integrity of the casing, if not rectified. 


The objective of this project is to provide a system which will replace the existing coating damages, as well as to provide further protection and stabilization to the casing and its guide. 


The objective of this is to provide a system that: 

- Will reduce and /or mitigate the dynamic loading and lateral movement of the Conductor Casing considerably,  

- Centralize and stabilize the Conductor Casing within the Conductor Guide,  

- Allow vertical movement of the Conductor Casing as per design criteria, 

- Eliminating impact and abrasion between the Casing and Guide damaging the existing protective coating systems as a result of wave-induced lateral movement, 

- Eliminates water splashing on the Casing and internal Casing Guide,  

- Minimize or eliminate future maintenance by the operator / client, 

- Can be installed during on-line operations. 

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