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PAPS Management has a policy and statement emphasized on quality of services and products to all related staffs in the company.   The policy is to make customer satisfaction and respond to customer requirement.

PAPS have management system in place for ISO 9001 certified.

Quality Policy


“We commit to fulfill customer requirements with good quality products and services to create customer satisfaction”


Pipeline and Piling Services Co., Ltd. (PAPS) provides engineering, construction and maintenance services to marine, pipeline, mechanical, foundation and construction projects. We are fully committed to ensuring the health and safety of all persons who mmay be affected by our operations.


A Company goal is the elimination of work-related injury and illness to our employees, contractors, client representatives and the general public. to achieve this goal we ensure that safety management programs as a priority. We undertake to provide necessary resources and support to all our operations.


In particular, we have established and will maintain, review and continually improve our program for management of occupational health and safety as applied to the provision of our services.


  • This program includes:

  • Demonstrated leadership

  • Complying with relevant legislation, regulations and construction industry standards.

  • Establishing measurable objectives and targets to quantify our health and safety performance and demonstrate continual improvement.

  • Consultation and communication with employees, contractors and clients on health and saft issues.

  • Providing and maintaining safe plant, safe systems of work and a safe environment.

  • Clearly defining responsibilities and accountabilities for employees and contractors.

  • Providing adequate information, training and supervision to employees and contractors.

  • Identifying potential health and safety hazards.

  • Developing and implementing methods to eliminate or control health and safety hazards.

  • Developing health and safty awareness amongst our employees and contractors and encouraging all persons to be their own safety supervisor.

  • Regular monitoring and auditing of our health and safety performance and the identification of conrrective action to improve this performance.


Employees must also acknowledge their obligations and responsibilities and provide a positive
contribution to health and safety for themselves and others at the workplace.

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