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i. Pipeline Services from PAPS


ii. Piling Services from PAPS

In both our divisions we provide customers with complete solutions for their offshore problems, including:

  • Pipeline Repair Consultation

  • Hotwork Free Spool Replacements & Valve Change Outs

  • Isolation Services

  • Inspection Services

  • Onsite Machining Services

  • Hydrotesting Services

  • EPRS Services

  • Drivability Studies for Piling

  • Pile Driving Services

  • Pile Driving Equipment Maintenance & Repair Services

  • Mechanical Repair Service

  • Shutdown Services

  • Full Project Management Services

  • Vessel Supply Service

  • Decommissioning NEW!

Services Background

As CAPE we started trading in the offshore market as far back as the early 1990s. CAPE have been involved with piling in the gulf of Thailand since 1994 when we provided piling services to UNOCAL Thailand.

Unocal became Chevron Thailand with the takeover of UNOCAL by Chevron and these piling service contractscontinue in the Chevron fields till the present time albeit with Chevron’s subcontractors. We have installed manifold piles, skirt piles, PLEM piles and pipeline support piles for many Oil and Gas companies operation in Thai waters.

In the pipeline division we have supplied testable “KaMos” gaskets to all the operators with subsea pipelines, we have supplied intelligent pigging services, pipeline wrapping services and clamps for pipeline repair. We also offer pipeline connectors, pipeline mechanical flanges and isolation and Hot Tapping technology for more complicated problems.

PAPS is currently looking into new techniques for deeper water and for enhancing ROV capabilities in the fields of pipeline repair and maintenance. We have an active R&D programme in conjunction with Thai Universities and we work with other companies in order to develop these new methods from ideas that have originated within PAPS. We believe that there is nearly always a “Smarter Way” to do things as technology moves forward, than those methods that have been used in the past.

PAPS believes in real development of our Thai resources by teaching and training Thai people in new technologies and involving Thai’s in new ideas to make a truly innovative and competent company in Thailand that can compete in the world market.

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