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Quickflange – ICR

QUICKFLANGE WELDLESS CONNECTIONS is permanent Flange-to-Pipe connection without welding




The mechanically robust weldless flange to pipe connection combines a modified standard flange with a hydraulic tool and patented internal groove pattern to machine in such a way that it slides over the pipe end and is activated with a coldforging tool. The two processes generate 

huge contact pressures, forming a seal and grip on the pipe. No spark or heat is generated and the process secures a metal to metal seal with no moving parts, balls, springs or gaskets. The connection process takes up to 15 minutes, with no impact on production.  



QuickflangeTM was developed to support construction, maintenance and modification of new and existing pipework. To date, the weldless connection solutions have been used around the world with over 6,500 applications.  



  • Replacement of damaged or corroded piping/existing flanges  

  • Replacement of Insertion of valves and tees 

  • Re-routing and de-bottlenecking  

  • Pipe work and new spool tie-in  

  • Fitting flanges in restricted areas  

  • Difficult to weld materials including CuNi, Monel and Duplex  

  • Spools  



Partnering closely with leading Oil & Gas industry certifying authority, Det Norske Veritas (DNV), the QuickflangeTM has passed vigorous testing and qualification for pressure containment properties and high load resistance values.  


The range of solutions are constantly evolving with new combinations of pipe diameters, 

materials and pressure ratings.  


Technical features include:  

  • No heat, no spark, no hot work  

  • Permanent full-strength connections  

  • ASME flange specification range  

  • Activated in minutes  

  • Light and simple one part design  

  • Multiple redundancy metal seals  

  • Available in a large variety of materials & diameters  

  • Crevice corrosion protection  

  • DNV Certified Installations Zone 1 and 2 

Quickflange is a Modified Standard Flange

1.Quickflange is slid over the pipe, there is an end stop to ensure correct positioning 

2.Quickflange Installation tool is inserted 

3.Installation tool is activated and pipe is expanded into the Quickflange 

4.Installation tool is retracted and removed. Installation Complete! 



IMPROVED SAFETY - Activated with a cold forging tool, no hot work is required avoiding the use of gases, ignition sources and flames traditionally required for welding. 


QUICK - Connection process takes no more than 15 minutes for the largest size (14”) and less for smaller diameters. Furthermore, the weldless solution uses a modified standard flange which is self contained meaning it can be shipped and delivered within hours. 


FLEXIBLE - Installation can take place in contained areas with no impact to production and with a wide range of pipe diameters, this is a fully flexible solution. Also compatible with numerous materials. 


REDUCED COSTS - With simple application and installation, personnel requirements compared with traditional welding techniques, ensures a cost effective weldless pipe connection solution. 

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