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Helicoid Epoxy Sleeve -HES


The structural failure of pipelines is mainly due to internal and environmental factors. Corrosion and erosion of the pipeline walls, will lead to metal loss (wall thinning) and consequently has to be re-rated.  The pipelines are subjected to various forces, such as bending forces, shear forces, torsion forces, hoop stresses and compressive forces, the same will lead to structural failure of the pipeline. This results in costly temporary repairs, re-rating of pipelines and sometimes even shutdown of the facilities. 


HES is constructed of an in-situ, helically wound, carbon fibre reinforced mechanically interlocking Polyethylene (PE) or Teflon strip. HES allows a 25 to 35mm annulus between the pipe surface and the sleeve, upon placing of end caps at both ends, to be injected with a structural, load bearing, special formulated epoxy grout. 

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