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KaMOS® Gasket

Leakage Test Method For Pipelines


KaMOS® method of leak testing of flanges with gaskets is a proactive solution, measuring whether tightness has been achieved on all sealing surfaces of flange before the flange and pipe are subjected to internal pressure, as well as monitor the flange connections for future leakages.


The KaMOS® method permits flange integrity to be tested from the outside before system pressure is applied. In the safety equation this will offer great benefits. It will also in many cases reduce the test time for normal pressure and leak tests because certain repetitions of the tests in case of leaky flanges will be avoided.


The KaMOS® test method is based on pressurizing the annular space above and below the seal ring using test gas. If no pressure loss is recorded during this pressurization, the seal is deemed tight.

The KaMOS® test system will also check the primary and secondary sides of the seal for tightness. Other leak testing methods that is used today cannot distinguish these two sides, only if it is tight or not.

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