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Mechanical Pipe End Plug 

Mechanical Research & Design Inc


Mechanical Pipe End plugs are used for offshore pipeline construction and decommission. 


Sealfast® Mechanical Pipe Plugs feature the same lightweight aluminum construction as the LP and MP 

series of Inflatable Pipe Plugs. These mechanical pipe plugs are mechanically actuated by tightening a 

series of rim nuts around the periphery of the pipe plug. This squeezes the rubber seal into the I.D. of 

the pipe.  


High Quality Mechanical Pipe Plugs 

At Mechanical Research & Design, we strive to offer only the best mechanical pipe plugs available today. 

Along with superior mechanical pipe plugs, we offer inflatable door seals, pipe pullers, we even offer 

custom seals. 

Our mechanical pipe plugs offer the following features: 

 - Long duration/long term installations 

 - Installations where seal inflation air is not available 

 - Sizes 1/2″ to 144″ 


Products are made in USA. 

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