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STATS GROUP - Subsea Hot Tapping for Chevron Thailand.

CUEL (on behalf of Chevron Thailand) have approached STATS Group to assist in a subsea pipeline repair project for 8” Gas Condensate Export Pipeline in 2016

Due to the length of time it may potentially take for a new tee to be manufactured and installed, the client is exploring the option to maintain production by using STATS Intervention Technology to safely isolate and install a suitable bypass line.

BISEP™ Branch Installed Self EnergisedPlug

Figure 1 - The BISEP™ is a Double Block and Bleed line stop tool which has been developed and

patented by STATS, It uses Techno Plug™ seals mounted on a spherical head to provide the dual

barrier isolation.

Figure 2 – BISEP™ set sequence

Double Block & BleedVerification Tests


  • As a minimum, all STATS supplied equipment is factory acceptance tested (FAT) and certified by STATS staff prior to mobilisation in line with the project parameters.

  • All testing and certification can either be client or third party witnessed as part of the pre-mobilisation acceptance criteria. All testing will be performed in a fixture with pipe wall and material strength similar to that on site, to replicate site conditions.

  • In some cases, an in country Site Integration Test with client provided equipment is also required, and can also be used to provide diver familiarisation with the scope and equipment.



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