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Pipeline Isolation Tools

Pipeline Isolation Tools


  • Isolation of pipelines and pipework systems is a key requirement for inspection, maintenance and modification of oil, gas & petrochemical infrastructure.

    STATS Group has access to a wide range of pipeline isolation techniques and offers a consultation service to assist operators in assessing the optimum solution for their pipeline isolation challenges. Our comprehensive range of products and services provide the highest practical pipeline isolation integrity for most applications.

    STATS supply isolation devices from ¾ inch to 48 inches that are compliant with 1D to 5D bends. Our extensive product range allows for isolations to be undertaken safely and efficiently from ambient through to high pressure applications. This product suite also allows for isolations to be undertaken where full bore access is not available. STATS have designed and manufactured a number of world-beating products, which have led major operators to reassess how they manage isolation and intervention projects.

     STATS Tecno Plug™ range provides double block and bleed isolation tools for high    pressure pipeline operations. These dual seal isolation plugs are available for remote, tethered, piggable or manual deployment and operation.

     Pipeline intervention and isolation can be achieved using STATS patented BISEP™. The  BISEP™ range provides double block and bleed isolation, deployed through a single    full bore branch or hot tap penetration. The seal annulus port proves and monitors the    seal integrity before and during intervention work.

     STATS BI-STOP™ small bore intervention and isolation service provides a unique    process that has been developed to address problems with small bore pipework that    have absent or limited isolation facilities. The process enables small bore pipework and    branches to be isolated, cut and terminated with a full bore valve whilst the system  remains live.

      Ambient Isolation Tools provide dual seal isolation with downstream and / or annulus monitoring.

     Gas Bags offer ambient isolation with single or dual bag arrangements for downstream or annulus monitoring.

    STATS have an extensive track record covering high pressure isolation procedures in most pipe sizes both onshore and offshore, with operations being undertaken in most pipeline mediums including, gas, crude oil and condensate.

    STATS in-house engineering and manufacturing departments can provide custom built pressure isolation tools to suit challenging applications. The modular design of the Tecno Plug™ allows tools to be configured to individual project requirements with all isolation plugs fully trialled in purpose-built test facilities to match client systems.

    Our competent field technicians are available to carry out isolation operations for all pipeline requirements using a range of tools to suit specific needs, delivering to our clients a first class maintenance solution for their assets.

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