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Pipeline Connectors

Pipeline Connectors


  • STATS LC series of mechanical Connectors are designed for the maintenance and modification of petroleum production and process facilities. This reliable and cost effective mechanical connection method is ideal where welded or hot-worked options may be undesirable. The slipover design and mechanical locking assembly can enable a flanged connection to be installed on a straight pipe stub without the need for hotwork or specialised tools and equipment.

    The Connectors are configured with a dual seal assembly that enables the Connector integrity to be verified via the 300# seal verification ports at time of installation.

    Double block and bleed valves can be fitted to the seal verification ports to allow monitoring of integrity once installed. The seal configuration and material selection is designed to provide a reliable seal on the pipe surface following a relatively simple field preparation procedure.

    The Connector assembly and components are designed in accordance with API 6H requirements, which are verified in accordance with ASME B31.3 and may be CE marked under the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 97/23/EC). They are designed to fit standard pipe specification (ASME B36.10 & B36.19, API 5L, etc) and fire tested to API 6 FA.

    • LC-01 – 150# RF Connector
    • LC-02 – 300# RF Connector

    Bespoke design and manufacture of Connectors for non-standard pipe sizes or configurations are routinely undertaken.

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