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Designed and built by Innospection for sale, the range of advanced MEC-Pipescanners are designed and built to support the high speed and high performance inspection of pipes, pressure vessels and other types of steel construction for onshore and offshore applications.



Based on the next generation MEC (Magnetic Eddy Current) technique, Innospection’s capabilities in pipe and pressure vessel inspection with the MEC-Pipescanners are:

  • High defect detection sensitivity in

    • pipes with OD 1” to 56”, WT up to 30mm, coating up to 15mm

    • pressure vessels with WT up to 30mm, coating up to 5mm

  • Ability to inspect horizontal and vertical pipes and pressure vessels of different

    • steel materials (carbon and stainless steel, duplex, super duplex)

    • coating types (GRP, rubber, paint)

  • Ability to detect internal and external corrosion and defects including isolated pits of very small diameter and volume

  • No coating removal and minimal surface preparation prior to inspection

  • Direct sizing of defects during scanning without the need for Ultrasonic verification

  • Defect assessment, integrity and monitoring support



MEC (Magnetic Eddy Current) is a dynamic electromagnetic technique that supports the Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) strategy and offers the following benefits:

  • Ability to inspect through higher wall and coating thickness

  • High sensitivity and reliability in detecting topside and underside / internal and external defects including small and shallow pitting caused by bacterial corrosion (from Ø >3mm and 10% wall loss)

  • No coating removal for a faster and more economical inspection operation

  • Analysis of defect severity in terms of volume and wall loss

  • Direct sizing of defects during scanning without the need for Ultrasonic verification with accuracy of +/- 10% for onsite reporting and +/- 5% for special offline analysis

  • Differentiation of defects from non-defects such as inclusions and laminations

  • Enables fast and efficient scanning and C-scan mapping of large areas

  • Low cleaning requirement prior to inspection

  • Ability to inspect under various temperatures



The MEC-Pipescanners are designed and built for high speed and high performance inspection of pipes and pressure vessels and offer the following features:

  • Improved signal to noise ratio for enhanced defect detection level

  • Rapid magnet on/off operation for faster positioning and manoeuvring from track to track during scanning

  • Ability to change the scanning lift-off for inspecting surfaces that are not well-cleaned

  • Compatible poleshoes and wheelsets


The comprehensive reporting software for both the MEC-Pipescanners provides accurate, reliable and repeatable real time inspection results are provided in real time. The advanced colour condition mapping report provides an analysis of detected defects in terms of size, wall loss severity and location. Separate reports are also generated for the internal and external conditions.

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