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Innospection stands for INNOVATIVE INSPECTION.

Our perspective is that every inspection task is worthwhile to be analysed for innovative improvement and changes.



Innospection’s internal R&D department is based in Germany and supports the company in the development of technologies and equipment for both standard and specialised inspection requirements.

Our aim is to provide our Clients with the optimum inspection solutions to solve their niche inspection challenges.

The innovative R&D team comprises of highly qualified engineers experienced in electronics, mechanics, physics and software. They also have extensive expertise and know-how in electromagnetic inspection technologies, application development to inspection tasks as well as pipeline inspection technology.

Innospection’s strength in application development and response to market demands have resulted in the development and launch of various advanced topside, splash zone and subsea inspection tools.



The targets of Innospection’s ongoing R&D work for the challenging inspection of pipelines as well as onshore and offshore assets are:

  • Consistent improvement of the inspection and defect detection capabilities

  • Improvement on inspection data analysis efficiency

  • Increasing focus on robotic inspection solutions

  • Innovative solutions for challenging inspection projects

  • Innovative solutions to replace ineffective ways of standard inspection and testing

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